EVEWRIGHT sound and art site-specific installations

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Everton Wright (EVEWRIGHT), a Black British artist with parentage from Jamaica, uses a diverse range of media spanning moving-image, drawing, performance, painting and sculpture. Influenced by his heritage his practice explores the relationship between the body, identity, Britishness, and spaces they inhabit in public and virtual realms. Evewright studied at Central St Martins and Middlesex University. He’s exhibited internationally including Royal Academy of Arts, BFI (British Film Institute) and a Firstsite Collectors Award recipient.

Previous Installations
Walking Drawings



Walking Drawings is an evocative experimental art project, in which Evewright investigates his practice of drawing, and the impact of human migration and leaving temporary imprints on landscapes through movement. Coastal, beach landscapes are Evewright’s chosen canvas. For him, the coastline represents a transitional environment – the sea’s depositing and removal ground, and a place that historically signifies arrival and departure.

In 2011 Walking Drawings: Across the Estuaries was brought to Silecroft beach in Cumbria, England. It is a series of works consisting of two 20-minute short films, captured on Red Cam high definition film and scored by Bruce and Kit Woolley. ‘Heavy Horses’ captures the moment when 15 Shire horses with their riders are led across the lines of his drawings. The second film Coloured People’ is a celebration of diversity. Members of the public from diverse backgrounds are dressed in blue waterproofs, and are asked to walk the art.